Garden & Skills Books

Erin Benzakien of Floret Flower’s Cut Flower Garden was the first gardening book I ever bought. It opened my eyes to the possibility that I could grow and harvest my own beautiful blooms with relatively little space.  This book introduces you to all of the flowers you can grow, recommended varieties, and professional tips.

The Modern Natural Dyer could serve as a gorgeous coffee book but it also serves as a handy book. The Modern Natural Dyer is the perfect book to get you inspired with the world of natural dyes.  This book answers the “why?” of natural dye – the natural world provides the most beautiful colors.

The Backyard Beekeeper is the official book that the Los Angeles County Beekeeping Association recommends all beginning beekeepers have on hand. I’m so grateful I picked this book up. It introduced me to the incredibly complicated world of bees. While I still have so much to learn, The Backyard Beekeeper helped to peel away most of my fears and hesitations concerning beekeeping.

The Sunset Garden Book is the quintessential gardening book. While it isn’t a bargain, it rightfully could serve all of your gardening needs. Filled with every plant that a California gardener may want to grow, Sunset details their favorites fruit tree varieties and helps to guide routine maintenance.

Practical Permaculture was my first introduction to permaculture. While incredibly detailed, this book serves as the perfect introduction to permaculture and a welcome accompaniment to your gardening practice.

Matt & Lentil’s Grown & Gathered is the ultimate Millennial homestead inspo.  Their book pushes you to new boundaries of the capabilities of your urban farm.

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